Monday, May 4, 2009

The New Normal

It's 12:35 AM and I'm gearing myself up for a new day in my newly reorganized life. It will be Day 7 of my 100 Day Challenge and boy have things changed since it started!

I absolutely got the office cleaned because the office immediately had to become The Teenager's bedroom. Unfortunately my living room immediately became a disaster. :)

This weekend has been a whirlwind of reorganization and strangeness. I think we are getting closer to a new normal (as Oprah would say) though and it'll all be fine.

We'll leave the house tomorrow morning at quarter to 7 and drop The Teenager of at high school first. Then we'll drop Bug off at his elementary school, then Munchkin at hers and then finally I'll drop Goober at preschool. Sudo will probably come along for the ride, slobbering on us all and going from the front to the back of the van twelve times.

I'll get home a little before 8 and I'll attempt to get some of the stuff that used to be in my office put away somewhere. I'll spend a lot of time on the phone trying to get all the affairs with The Teenager sorted out, probably and maybe I'll even read a blog or two. I'll get some work done and before I know it the time will have gone and it'll be time to pick everyone up. I'll grab Munchkin from her bus stop first and then we'll drive over to Bug's and wait for a few minutes. Bug's bus will show up and we'll all drive to The Teenager's high school and pick her up.

At home The Man will go over everyone's homework and I'll try to get some more work done. Then I'll run to pick Goober up from preschool and I'll start dinner.

I'll grab every available kid who walks by to do a favor for me like get all the stuff off the table that has accumulated there during the day, set the table, make drinks, etc.

We'll eat, we'll clean up, they'll all go to bed.

And we'll start it all over again.