Friday, April 17, 2009

She's gonna be one heck of a teenager...

Munchkin is the kid that usually drives me more bonkers than the rest. She and I are kind of like oil and water, I guess you might say.

She's a drama queen. She's been known to put on a huge show when we have to leave a party or a relative's house. She often refuses to eat what I cook for her. She's recently started telling lies about the most ridiculous things. If she misbehaves in public and we try to discipline her by grabbing her firmly, she'll let out a scream that will turn heads from across a crowded Target. I'm fairly certain other patrons think we're abusing her.

The boys can be tough, but no one can push me to my breaking point like Munchkin. This weekend at Easter festivities she caused me to lose my temper and yell at her in front of all of The Man's family. I'm sure they think I'm an evil bitch. (If only I had gone ahead and had that 2nd vodka tonic it would have all been alright... that's what I get for trying to stay sober.)

And yet, sometimes I grab a glimpse of her and it's like I can see into the future to the woman she's going to be... and I know it's going to be someone great. It reminds me that it's all worth it.



Bahama Shores Mama said...[Reply to comment]

LOVE, Love, love the picture!!!! I have freckle face daughter as well :)

Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful photograph.

And mine does that as well adding a very loud "MOMMY YOUR HURTING ME", before I've even had a chance to lay a finger on her.

What the hell am I in for when she's a teenager.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

It must be a girl thing, because mine is the same way. Absolutely gorgeous photo.

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

what a great picture!

but yeah, i have one of those too. my oldest is just a pill. there were an incident where it involves me making her get in the car which lead to her screaming and crying in her carseat banging on the windows to anyone walking by, "HELP ME! HELP ME!"

i had to explain to all the onlookers that she indeed IS my daughter and is just throwing a tantrum.