Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a Friday Wrap Up!

Monday morning I had the pleasure of escorting The Teenager to a doctor's appointment where we got to discuss painfully embarrassing subjects which involved much red faced giggling on The Teenager's part. Okay, I got a little red faced and giggly, too.

The fun part about the doctor's appointment was that the doctor decided that it would be a good idea to check The Teenagers hormone levels a bit and that, my friends, required about 8 vials of blood to be taken.

And The Teenager assured me that she had been down this road before and would have absolutely no problem with the blood giving thing.

So the nurse came in with her little hand held cart of blood taking stuff and placed it on a little table and The Teenager and the nurse held hands where holding hands means the nurse prodded The Teenager's arm to find a vein and The Teenager asked over and over again how much it would hurt.

While the nurse filled up vials of blood The Teenager watched and continued to say "Oh my gosh, please hurry up, oh my gosh" and the nurse continued to say "Breathe."

And then the vials were all filled up and the nurse started to wash her hands and The Teenager held a tissue to the little spot on her arm and then The Teenager said "I can't hear anything."

And then she passed out.

And The Teenager evidently doesn't pass out like most people do. Not that I'm an expert on people passing out or anything... but in my experience most people sort of go limp and crumple to the floor.

Not The Teenager. Nope... her body went RIGID and she violently kicked the little table and the nurse's little cart of stuff went flying and alcohol pads and band aids and little empty vials and tubey things all went flying.

And then The Teenager sort of woke up and asked if she'd had a seizure... and then she asked us if she was peeing in her pants (she wasn't) and then she told us all that she had to go to the doctor today.

She was a little confused.

Tuesday disappeared. I don't know where it went or what happened. Sorry, Tuesday.

Wednesday The Man and I had a date at Publix. Cause we're romantic like that. It originally started with us just taking a break from the kiddos to do some grocery shopping and get a prescription filled. And then we got almost completely done with the shopping and I realized I had never turned in the prescription.

So I brought the prescription to the window and the pharmacist was all "It'll be at least 45 minutes, ma'am" and I was all "When the heck did I turn into a ma'am??!" and then I was all "So... what do we do now?"

So we decided to put all the freezer and cold stuff back and get ourselves some yummy Publix subs from the deli and have a date. At Publix. By ourselves.

And yanno what y'all? It was pretty nice.

Thursday we debated homeschooling the kids next year. Because we're sort of crazy. And there's this really great program with our state that has real teachers and assistance for home schooled kids and allows kids to advance as quickly as they want to and it would probably be really great for our kids. I even attended an online seminar about it.

And then we decided we'd never be able to give the kids the amount of attention they would need from us at this point. So we're putting that idea on the back burner for another year at least.

Today the kids are cleaning their rooms. Munchkin and The Teenager pretty much are done with their rooms Goober and Bug are wailing and crying as though I have asked them to perform such an impossible task that we may as well just bomb their rooms instead. It'll be a long day.


Jason, as himself said...[Reply to comment]

My teenager tried to donate blood a couple of weeks ago and passed out cold, too! Only she didn't kick the table over.