Thursday, June 4, 2009

Emotion and a little levity

Tonight I decided to read a few blogs before bed. It's been a few days since I stopped and read any so I'm a wee bit behind.

I read Jason's post about his mother and I had to share it with my readers. If you don't read Jason's blog you should. He's honest and open and warm and funny and understanding and he's one of my favorite bloggers. The kind of blogger that I click on first in my reader when it says he's got a new post. And this post shot straight to the heart...

Jason, your words are like poetry.

On a completely different note, I've been asked how Sudo is doing since I haven't written about him lately.


He's doing fine. Spoiled and loved as ever. He has ridden with us almost every morning to take the kids to school. I'm sure he's going to miss it now that summer is here.


DysFUNctional Mom said...[Reply to comment]

That is one handsome dog!

Lucy said...[Reply to comment]

I will have to check out the blog, I love it when blogger's share, I'm always checking out new reads.

Your dog is beautiful!

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

duis sudo getting bigger? it's one large dog now!