Monday, December 1, 2008

The vacation's over, y'all

The kids will be home around 11 this morning. Again, I have mixed feelings about this. Mostly I'm so excited they're coming home and I can't to see them! Then there's this little part of me that's all upset because I didn't get enough done...

I did get their rooms cleaned and I did get almost all of my Christmas shopping done and I even wrapped the kids gifts so they wouldn't find them.

But I still haven't caught up with the laundry (will I ever?) and somehow cleaning the kids rooms made the rest of the house messier. I think this is the first time that the kids rooms are the cleanest parts of the house.

Whatev... I can't wait to see my little people!

So, about the tree situation, I have attempted this fluffing y'all have been speaking of and it's not really helping the situation. :( So, I talked to my sister about the tree and how unhappy I was with it and she offered me her super gigantic beautiful artificial tree that she does not use anymore. So tomorrow when I go over there to pick up the kids I'm picking up the tree, too. Rock on!


Michelle@Life with Three said...[Reply to comment]

You shouldn't be feeling bad for yourself at all! You're almost done Christmas shopping -- and you managed to wrap, too! That's huge.

And, yeah, the laundry? "Catching up with the laundry" is a myth -- a dream -- that never will happen in reality, my friend. At least in my world. :)

Karen said...[Reply to comment]

Unless you plan on becoming nudists, the laundry will NEVER end. Just accept it and move on. If you are like us, you can name the laundry hamper in an attempt to bring levity to the growing problem. Hee hee!
Now I would like to see the NEW and improved tree please!

Say What? said...[Reply to comment]

How about letting your kids decorate the "Charlie Brown" artificial tree? They would have a blast!

"It's not a bad tree, it just needs a little love." -Linus Van Pelt