Thursday, December 11, 2008

She thought she was tired before

Yesterday was quite a day. After assuring T that she was indeed in labor since gas pains don't typically strike in regular 6 minute intervals, I packed the kids up and sent them off to school, came home and did a few last minute things and The Man and I headed off to the hospital.

Poor T hadn't eaten a thing since dinner the night before and food was off limits to her so she was practically starving by the time we got to the hospital. She was allowed hard candy so we stopped to get her some on our way.


When we arrived T was still smiling and happy so the doctor came in and put an end to that by breaking her waters. Before that whole procedure was even 100% complete, T got one of those contractions that strikes fear into a new mother's heart. The one that makes her absolutely sure that not getting an epidural would be a really really bad idea.

And thus the epidural was requested... and then T endured the next 10 contractions or so wondering where the heck that anesthesiologist was.

After the epidural T was once again smiling and happy and about five hours later it was time to push. And push she did! In just about 40 minutes we heard one of the best sounds anyone can ever hear.


And both mommy and baby are absolutely perfect and fantastic. :)


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Aw, welcome to the world, beautiful baby!

Unknown said...[Reply to comment]

Hi there, little baby.