Saturday, December 27, 2008

Getting 6 kids to smile... how hard could it be??

Christmas is over and I'm still cleaning up the aftermath. Lego sets, Barbies, candy canes, Wii games, and more have taken over the house. Oh, and a dog. It's all a bit of a reorganization project.

Every year I try to take a picture of the kids to give to relatives around the holidays. This year, in addition to taking a picture of just my three kids, The Man's cousin and I decided to take a picture of all 6 of our kids to give out to that side of the family.

We've been meaning to do it for a couple of months but so much has happened that we never really got around to it until last weekend.

I believe we underestimated how difficult it would be to get a good picture of all 6 kids.








We got about 100 pictures between the two of us that were horrible, 6 very irritated children and 2 incredibly frustrated mothers by the end of the day. We ended up giving out this one.


And thanks to Candy for the idea for this picture. I wouldn't have thought of it had it not been for this post.


A Spot of T said...[Reply to comment]

That's hilarious! I love all the shots actually but that last 'round' one is really priceless.

DysFUNctional Mom said...[Reply to comment]

I love it! There are 6 of us in our family and picture night was flipping frustrating. I'm surprised we lived through it!

Michelle@Life with Three said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, isn't that the way it always is -- the first picture is often the best! It is nearly impossible to take a picture of multiple kids that looks good. Our Christmas card this year featured two of the kids with Santa and my 18-month old in a separate picture by herself. She would not smile in a picture with the other two to save her life.

Me, You, or Ellie said...[Reply to comment]

Awesome. But sigh..... Think of all you could have done with all that time you wasted taking the last 99 shots..... ;)


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

AWW!!!!!! soo hi-larious!!!!!!!