Friday, January 13, 2012

I had a lot of fun with the babelfish translator when I wrote this post.

Forever ago (in the beginning of December), I was contacted by Vanessa, a representative for GoGo squeeZ, an applesauce in a pouch snack marketed for kids.  Vanessa asked if the monsters and I would be willing to try her product and maybe write what we thought about it here on the blog. I'll admit that I sort of ignored Vanessa at first.  Because as much as I like getting free stuff (I mean, really, who doesn't?), I don't really do a lot of product promotion here on the blog and I don't really want to start.

Vanessa was persistent, though, and offered to send out some GoGo squeeZ to me whether I wrote about it or not.

Enter my girl scout co-leader, Miss F. Miss F is all about healthy snacks at girl scout meetings. I mean, who isn't about healthy snacks for kids? - but Miss F takes it to a new level. Our girls have eaten so many bananas and grapes they've been known to literally pout at the sight of a grape. Oh, how they long for processed carbs and sugar. But Miss F will have none of it. She is vigilant.

And in her defense, the one time we allowed the girls to plan their own food at an end-of-the-year party, there was so much crappy food we actually watched as they spun themselves into chocolate induced frenzies and then dropped like flies from sugar crashes. It's all about moderation, y'all.

Anyhow, the thing about GoGo squeeZ is that there is no added sugar. The ingredients in the Apple Apple flavor are simple. Apple, apple juice concentrate. That's it. And the Apple Banana flavor? There's some banana mixed in. Crazy, right? It's all natural and healthy. And the apples are French. So they're fancy apples that pronounce things funny. Oui, oui. Mes pommes sont délicieuses.

Anyhow, I knew Miss F would approve. And guess who was signed up for snack at the first meeting of the new year? The Spaz. You can see where I'm going with this.

We've actually bought GoGo squeeZ a few times before. The monsters are pretty fond of it, actually. Munchkin especially likes the Apple Cinnamon flavor. I like it because it's not messy and the little pouches come with screw on tops that you can screw back on. So the kids can eat half a package and save the rest for later. Try that with one of those little tubs of applesauce with the foil lids. It's not pretty.

So I told Vanessa that I'd be happy to let the girls try GoGo squeeZ out at our next meeting and she put a package in the mail to me.

When the package arrived I have to admit, I was a little giddy. Not only did Vanessa include enough GoGo squeeZ for all the girls and leaders to try, but she included some fun toys for the girls to play with, too. Little airplanes for them to put together, pick-up sticks, a jumprope, and some squeezie stress apples for the leaders to squeeze when the girls drive us crazy girls to play with.

And she packed it all up in a Publix reusable grocery bag. Which made me love her, instantly. I love you, Vanessa!

When I unveiled the GoGo squeeZ to the girls they were happy to give it a try. Because it wasn't grapes or bananas and it came in a package which made them think it might just be junk food. Ha! Take that, Jessica Seinfeld!

The girls sucked down their GoGo squeeZ like little crazed lunatics and asked for more.  Even the leaders gave them a try, including myself.  I actually expected not to like it, but honestly, it was darned delicious. And only 60 calories in a package? My ass thanks you, GoGo squeeZ.

The girls also found new uses for the empty pouches. They're such recyclers. They discovered that GoGo squeeZ pouches stick to your face if you create a vacuum (they didn't learn that from Miss G, not at all). They also discovered that you can fill a GoGo squeeZ pouch with air and then blow it at each other like a weapon. Hilarity ensued.

It was all fun in games until one of the girls almost lost their eye by a nose diving GoGo squeeZ airplane. That's when we had to shut it down.

In short, we liked the squeeZ. The kids liked the taste (and we've got some picky girls to contend with) and I liked the easy clean-up. Miss F liked the lack of preservatives, gluten, nuts, dairy, processed sugar, ninjas, and barbiturates. Really y'all, stop giving your children barbiturates.