Monday, January 2, 2012

If how a person spends the first day of the year is any indication of how the rest of the year will go, then I'm pretty happy about 2012

We slept in on the first day of the year, after spending a decadent evening at home with the kids watching the ball drop. The weather was perfect and Goober had mentioned that he wanted to see Lake Okeechobee since we'd never driven out there with him before. Just the other day B2 mentioned that she had driven out there with my mom and dad and they had really had a nice time.

It seemed like a perfect way to spend the very first day of the year, as a family on a little adventure, so we packed up some sandwiches and some leftovers from our New Years Even feast and jumped in the car to see the big lake. We even let Sudo come along for the adventure.

On the way out, the kids were thrilled to see a controlled sugar cane field burn up close. I've driven out to the Glades probably a hundred or more times in my life and I've never had the opportunity to see a burn as close as this one was.

The kids were wide eyed at the flames and the smoke and all the hub bub.

After the excitement of the burning field had died down, our little monsters were sort of bored at all the miles and miles of sugar cane and farm equipment and agriculture.

They were all "Blah Blah Blah... why are you guys talking about sugar cane so much?" and "Are we there yet? I can't see Lake Okeechobee from here." and "Is this forever?"

Until we spotted one of Florida's most famous reptiles sunning himself on the bank of a canal. Excitement was renewed in the vehicle.

He was really just a little guy, but the kids were pretty excited to see him.

Once we arrived at the lake, Goober oohed and aahed at how big it was and I snapped one picture of the kids and Sudo standing in front of the lake.

We all decided we were hungry so we went in search of a picnic spot and thought we might snag a Geocache while we were out. The Man navigated us to the closest Geocache that mentioned "picnic spot" in the comments and we found ourselves at a cute little park near the lake.

After eating our lunch, we searched out the cache but were completely unsuccessful at it. We searched and searched but whoever hid that thing knew what they were doing. No big deal, though. We had a nice lunch and Goober got some tree-climbing practice while we were out there.

We thought we might have time for one more geocache before the sun set on us, so we packed up our stuff, jumped back into the car and headed north to a cache a little ways away.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I missed our turn. Instead of turning around, we decided to scout out a spot to watch the sun set over the lake. In Port Mayaca, just before we would turn off of 441 and on to Kanner Highway to head back to civilization we found a spot.

And what a spot we found....


The Virtuous Girl said...[Reply to comment]

How awesome is it that we get to live in paradise!! For me, going out to the Glades is reminiscent of what it was like growing up in WPB in the 70s. It brings me a strong sense of comfort to know that there's still some "old Florida" remaining for us and our children to enjoy.

The pictures are beautiful. So glad you guys had a great time. Love you.