Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Waking up is hard to do

The monsters went back to school today and if I weren't so tired I'd feel like dancing right now. After having them home for over 2 weeks straight I practically pushed them out of the minivan this morning in the drop off circle.

I think that I take the adjustment to getting back on schedule much harder than the kids do. After allowing myself to wake up whenever I wanted to for the past couple of weeks, I had an awfully difficult time getting back to normal today.  It all started last night when trying to fall asleep.

See, if I didn't have kids I'd be on a pretty standard 4 am to 12 pm sleep schedule. That's natural for me. Unfortunately I haven't been able to convince the school board that kids should start school at 1 pm. So whenever there is a break from school I start to naturally fall back into that schedule. And then the night before school starts I try to fall asleep at midnight.

Last night I laid down a little after midnight and stared at the time projected on the ceiling for a while. Then I spent about an hour trying to beat my previous "Bop It" score of 98. Then I went into the bathroom and examined my face for a while, following that up with a tweeze and squeeze session. Then I laid down again. I think I finally fell into a fitful sleep around 2:30 am. But it was one of those sleeps where you look at the clock every 1/2 hour and tell yourself to STOP WAKING UP and GO TO SLEEP.

When the alarm clock started blaring at me at 6:30 this morning I wasn't quite sure if I had fallen asleep at all. If I get through today without crashing at some point it will be a miracle. Why do I continue to do this to myself?


The Virtuous Girl said...[Reply to comment]

So ... you finally beat our family "Bop It" high score of 39 -- congrats! That thing is addictive :). Sorry you are so tired - I totally feel your pain. Love you. B2.