Friday, May 27, 2011

If you're sappy and you know it...

Today the entire 5th grade at the kids' school is on their way to Epcot at Walt Disney World for the day. When Bug made the switch from home school to regular school after Spring Break we got the notice that all the other kids had been planning this trip while Bug was being home schooled and if he'd like to attend we could pay up right that very minute and they'd let him go, too.

With all the hub bub of getting him back to school, I wrote a check and promptly put the whole thing right out of my head. Seriously, that was the absolute last time I gave it even a tiny thought.

So yesterday when Bug came home from school and said "I'm so excited for the Epcot trip tomorrow!" I kind of winced.

Epcot trip, tomorrow?

He proudly produced a yellow slip of paper that told me I needed to get Bug to school at 5:30 AM and pick him up at 10:00 PM. That his food was paid for and that they suggested he bring some spending money and wear comfortable shoes.

5:30 AM?

So last night we packed Bug's cargo shorts up with some cash, a clip on watch, a trial size sunscreen, and a folded poncho, laid out his school tee shirt, and set our alarms for 5 AM.

5 AM comes really early, y'all.

So maybe it was the lack of sleep and shock to my system, but when I dropped Bug off at 5:30 this morning and watched him blend in with a crowd of other 5th graders all dressed in the same royal blue tee shirt, and heard the ferocious hum of the two ginormous charter buses that would be taking my first baby 3 hours away from me, I fought back tears.

And quickly walked back to my car before any of the other parents saw what a sap I was.  They probably think I'm a callous bitch for dropping my kid off and running back to the car.  I'm sure they think I just couldn't wait to get back to bed and log in another couple of hours of sleep before its time to bring the other two back to the school. 

I'm sure it's just the lack of sleep, but it was really so I didn't embarrass myself and poor Bug by bursting into tears as I watched all those little people climb aboard that big giant bus.

Bug had no problem with me leaving. Not even a hug or kiss goodbye from him. Within seconds he was happily chatting in a group of three other boys from his class and barely even noticed that I was leaving. This is the same kid who had such a problem making friends at his old school that I home schooled him for the better part of 5th grade. 

He's officially growing up. Crap.