Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Biosilk took my frizz and choked it in a headlock until it screamed "Uncle" and ran home to its mommy...

It's been a long time since I've done a Works For Me Wednesday post, but I've recently found something that fits the bill and I want to shout it from the rooftops.

I've always had straight hair. Except for when I was pregnant with Goober... it was oddly curly then.  It was actually quite lovely... I miss my pregnant Goober hair.

But I digress.

I've always had straight hair and up until I was probably in my mid 20's it pretty much always did just what I asked it to do.  I woke up, I brushed it, it laid straight and didn't frizz up.  Wash and shampoo once a day, sometimes once every other day, and all was good.

As I aged something happened.  My hair started getting dry and I had to skip a day, sometimes two, between washes.  I started getting a lot of gray hair. It stopped laying nice and straight and started getting crazy frizzy and just plain acting like someone else's more unfortunate hair.

And that's when I started my frolic through the land of hair products.  The gray was easy enough to solve with a bottle of dye, but the frizz was another story.

I started buying shampoos and conditioners that promised they'd get rid of the frizz. I bought gels, mousses, oils, creams. I blew it dry on hot, on cold, with a diffuser. I used the flat iron.  Eventually, I just became very closely acquainted with pony tails.

And then one day my sister, B1, gave me a tiny little sample size bottle of something wonderful.

And they called it Biosilk. 

Silk Therapy Serum, to be exact.

It's funny because she gave it to me and I had it for a really long time before I even tried it.  It was the tiniest little bottle she gave me. Like, .05 ounces or something. It was barely enough to fill a soda cap.  So I threw it in the basket I keep on my bathroom counter and didn't think much of it.

Until one day I ran across it again and figured I'd see what it was.  It didn't even have instructions on the tiny little bottle but I vaguely remembered my sister telling me to put it in after my hair was dry and before I flat ironed.

I did... and it was good.

The stuff is amazing. It's like it takes frizz and makes it it's bitch. And it's a little pricey, to be honest, but the stuff will last forever. I have fairly long hair and I use about a dime size puddle of it, rub my hands together and first run my hands through the underside of my hair and then on top making sure my hands touch pretty much all my hair. Then I flat iron and it's like my hair is 17 years old again and I'm making my curly headed friends jealous when they sit behind me in 11th grade Algebra.


the_happy_hausfrau said...[Reply to comment]

I am FOREVER on the lookout for anti-frizz stuff. My hair has multiple personalities: ringlets, curls, waves and then two small straight sections (yes it's lovely, jealous much??). Is this Biosilk like an oil? I have some Aveda product that works, but it's almost gone and sadly my Aveda days are over. I'll give this one a try.