Friday, April 15, 2011

I think I should send him to Walmart more often

Last week I asked The Man to pick up some stuff at the local Walmart on his way home from work. He works pretty late, so by the time he's on his way home from work it's really the only thing open. My list was short... we needed some milk and some other little grocery items. He grumpily agreed to do it.

So The Man got home, placed the bags lovingly in the center of the kitchen floor, and sat down at the table to take off his shoes and talk to me.

I started putting away all the groceries and I had to laugh because I kept finding things in the bags that I hardly ever buy.  Evidently The Man had a good time in the grocery section of Walmart.

So I got to the last bag and I reached my hand in and pulled out something entirely different.


It was like Christmas.

No really, it was like Christmas.

It reminded me of the year I wanted an iPod so bad I couldn't think of anything else. Back before everyone had an iPod and when they had just made the video iPods. It's all I could think about.  The Man convinced me, thoroughly, that there was no way in hell we could afford one and I was sure I wasn't getting one.  But on Christmas morning we were unpacking our stockings, which I was sure I knew everything that was in mine because I had packed it myself, and stuffed somehow into the toe of the stocking was the iPod I so desperately wanted.

But back to the Nook. I love it more than chocolate. No kidding. I would pick the Nook over chocolate.  I have books, loads of them, and they don't take up any space. It's amazing! And it does all kinds of other stuff, too, because The Man is a technical genius.  Now I just have to force myself to put the thing down and actually work.  Darn technology and its beckoning call to procrastinate.