Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where are those mom's dealing with acne, hormones, dating, and Axe Body Spray?

I spent a good portion of today perusing other blogs. I was looking for something to write about and it sort of worked... because I found something.

I discovered while perusing other blogs that the majority of parenting blogs are written by parents of young children. Mostly they seem to be kindergarten or younger age and nearly all are elementary school aged kids.  So as I read these blogs I couldn't help but think all those thoughts that parents who have older kids think when they hear parents of younger kids talk.

"Hah. You think they're expensive now."

"You just wait until they want to date."

And my head gets all smuggy and know-it-allie and whatever.  Some of these bloggers have even written books on the subject of parenting and I'm just wondering how you can write a book about fixing a car when all you've ever had to do was change the oil and put some gas in. Amirite? 

Whatev. I'm just jealous because I haven't published a book about anything. But really.

I wonder if parents just stop writing about their kids at a certain point because the kids are like

"Knock it off, Mom, I don't want to be on your blog anymore."

Or if there comes a point when life just stops being so much about the kids and parents start focusing more on other things. It's true when I first had kids I was ALL ABOUT THE KIDS ALL THE TIME. I mean, you kind of have to be. You have to watch them 100% of the time, you have to sleep with one ear open, they can't survive without you. Like, they'd die if you didn't make sure they kept themselves out of the middle of the road and stuff.

But now they're a lot more independent and I can think about other things.

Like friends... I have some now. It's nice because for a long time my whole world was contained within the square footage of our 4 bedroom ranch style home. My BFF Trish is in that stage right now where her life is fully contained in her home and revolves around her two young sons. I do not envy her. I miss her a lot, but I do not envy her.

And I can do other stuff that I care about - like paint. I like to paint. I'm not that great at it, but I enjoy it and it's something that I get to do that has absolutely nothing to do with my kids.

I mean, it's not like I don't take care of the kids anymore - I'm still their taxi driver, personal chef, and house slave - but with them having their own interests, I have a little more time for myself. 

But as my kids enter pre-adolescence, I wonder where those parenting blogs are that have older kids - kids going through the teenage years and early adulthood. I do know of a few and I love these ladies, but we do seem to be sorely under represented. 


the_happy_hausfrau said...[Reply to comment]

Smooches, my love. It's funny...lately I've been getting requests from places to write MORE about parenting older kids. I think you are right, though. When the kids are little it's ALL ABOUT THEM. As it should be. There's also a lot more time to write about it, honestly. So many moms are SAHM during those early years, and even though I know firsthand how much freaking work it is, there is some downtime in which one can pop open the laptop and write away. (I often wish I'd started blogging much earlier) As the kids get older, more parents go back to work and life branches out beyond the house, the preschool and the playdates.

Plus most of us with teens are tired, ha!

Thanks for the love. Right back at ya.