Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some day I think the kids are going to kill me for this blog

They'll get over it.

Bug has a girlfriend again. I think this one might be a little more serious than the last ones.

We heard hints of her last weekend when Bug clutched his cell phone happily in his hand the entire weekend and we heard the constant "bling bloop" of his text messaging.  Then on Tuesday it poured rain and he received a text from her that she was walking home from her bus stop. Bug immediately grabbed a poncho to bring to her and rode off on his bike. Chivalry is alive and well in my Bug.  Yesterday Bug was at her house after school, meeting her three little piggies (for real... she has piglets... three of them) and her dogs. Today there is no school and Bug has gone off once again to see her.

He is 13.... but still a baby to me. When he was not quite two I can picture him dancing in the kitchen with his Aunt B2, his head on her shoulder with a sweet smile on his face.  He was so happy to be held and loved and close to other people.

Munchkin and Goober could never wait to be free and running, but Bug wanted to be loved and cuddled. I can still smell his warm baby smells when he would climb into bed with me as I groggily slept off his sister's 4 AM colic session.

He's still sensitive and sweet and wears his heart on his sleeve so I have to stop myself from trying to protect him from heartbreak. He runs off to see his new love interest with such a big smile and I worry... What goes up, must come down.

I can only be here for him when it happens, I guess. Even sweet, sensitive boys like Bug need to learn how to handle a broken heart, I guess.


Sarah said...[Reply to comment]

Oh. You are killing me! I have a sweet little snuggy bear boy too. He's only 7 but I can see him going down the same round as your boy . My 12 year old while sensitive by nature, does not wear his heart on his sleeve. I read what the girl is doing and I was hurt and sad and mad....then ashamed, because I was that girl as a teenager. I can think of a few boys that I was needlessly cruel to just because I could be. It made me feel powerful and validated while my world was spinning out of control (parents ugly divorce, moving out of state, teenage hormones, and general insecurities). While it may not have ruined their lives, I know it hurt and confused them at the time. The universe always has a a way of evening the score which is why I have boys that I will have to try to protect from girls like me.