Friday, March 2, 2012

Does everyone have mornings like this or is it just because I'm a Spaz?

So Sudo takes a ride with us every morning to drop Munchkin and Goober off to school. The other morning we all piled in the minivan and were ready to set out on the 5 minute ride to the elementary school when I turned the ignition and realized I had hardly any gas in the van.

"Jump out, kids, we're taking Daddy's car."

So we all piled into The Man's SUV and were off to the school. We pulled into the drop off circle and stopped in front of the entrance. Munchkin hopped out of the front seat with nary a look over her shoulder and was off. Goober, on the other hand, found difficulty with the door and therefore took way longer than is typically allotted in the drop off circle. That's what I get for spoiling my children with a minivan with automatic sliding doors. At any rate, by the time he actually got out of the car I was so nervous about getting out of the way of all the minivans that were piling up behind me that I accelerated a little too fast and hopped up on the curb.

Now, in actuality, I'm sure the tire barely even raised on the curb and perhaps no one even noticed.  But in my head I had driven up on to the sidewalk like the Dukes of Hazzard with reckless abandon.  I was horrified.

I pulled away, avoiding eye contact with the car that pulled up next to me at the light exiting the school, lest they be giving me the evil mom stink eye (you know the one), and drove home.

Upon arriving home I unlocked the front door and stopped.

Something was wrong. It was... quiet. And that's when I realized Sudo was no where to be found.

Frantic, I ran out to the front of the house and saw him, ears perked and goofy doggie grin on his face, sitting in the front seat of the van waiting for his ride.

Good thing dogs don't hold grudges.