Thursday, December 29, 2011

If I title this post "Milk Bags" you'll probably think you're clicking to see something more exciting

It was brought to my attention a little while ago that Canadians purchase their milk in bags.


Milk bags.

I'll wait while you giggle at that phrase.

I know... I giggled, too.

Okay, all composed now?

I was so taken back with this that I had to google it and found out just how Canadians use their milk bags.

I found this very informative video that explains it all.

I'm impressed. Because in this house we always have this giant gallon container of milk in the fridge and for a lot of the time (about half of the time, I'd venture) it's less than half full and taking up a bunch of unnecessary space.

Not just that, but unless people recycle them, those giant containers are taking up a ton of room in landfills. The bags, evidently, use 75% less plastic and use less energy when making them. I'm all for the bags.

The bags come in a larger bag that has three 1.33 liter bags inside of it. So you only open a third of your milk at a time, extending the life of the milk. Theoretically, it would be less expensive to package the milk and therefore less expensive to buy the milk, too. So maybe we'd pay less than $4 a gallon for it.

I found this recent article stating that Tesco stores (primarily in the UK) are carrying a brand of bagged milk and an accompanying JUGIT re-usable jug designed to make the milk bags easier to use. Because evidently Canadians are the only ones who can manage this whole bag thing without all kinds of nasty spillage.

I can see the infomercials now.

Anyhow, I'm really hoping bagged milk makes its way to the states soon. With the way my kids go through milk, I'd welcome a more environmentally friendly and space saving package.

And maybe they'll expand to soy milk, too!