Saturday, March 7, 2009

The One Where Goober Says "WHAT?!"

We spent the last few days without water. Or without much water at any rate. It's all well and good now... thanks to my wonderful brother in law who knows a thing or two about plumbing. :)

I can't tell you how wonderful having running water is when you haven't had any for a few days. Hot running water. Hot running water that comes out in a gushing river of happiness. Oh, to be clean again! I've never been so excited by a load of laundry and a full dishwasher!

In other news, I think we're finally done with all the sickness in the house. It took us a good 2 weeks but I think all three of the kids are finally ready to go back to school. Except it's Saturday. Poor Goober has to take antibiotics for the next 10 days, though, since his sickness turned into ear infections on both ears resulting in a ruptured ear drum in one ear.

I know... that horrified me as well.

In fact, I had always believed that if you ruptured your ear drum you were pretty much going to be deaf in that ear forever more. Evidently, this is not so. Goober should be able to hear us again within 2 months. That's right, he's a little hard of hearing right now. The world must be very peaceful to him... I'm sort of envious.

To the person who searched "putting your man back into diapers" and arrived at my blog - I'm just confused. Please comment and explain. :)


Leanne said...[Reply to comment]

I think I envy Goober at the minute as well.

And you think that's bad. I got a guy who googled "removing mum's knickers".

I seriously don't think Google is the best place for these people to find the help they clearly need:)

mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

oh i so envy you! i thought i was int he clear with all the illnesses for this winter and then baby came down with high fever and croup. needless to say, winter is far from over for us.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...[Reply to comment]

Oh how terrible . . . is Goober enjoying the quiet or is it driving goober crazy?