Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hopefully this is the last time I find myself telling anyone how great their doody is...

We picked up Sudo from doggie jail on Sunday. The poor guy spent the remainder of the day and evening on Sunday looking traumatized and miserable. Not only had he endured a near week long sentence but in the end he lost a most important part of his anatomy. Poor guy.


His spirits have picked up over the past couple of days though. He's also made it quite apparent that any house training advances we had made in the near three weeks we had him before his imprisonment have gone straight out the window.

It wasn't long ago that I remarked to a friend of mine that I was so happy that the only poop I had to deal with any more was my own. I spoke too soon. I find myself in almost the same situation I found myself in while toilet training my kids. Back then I carried around M&Ms as bribery for going poo in the potty and now I carry around Snausages as bribery for going poo in the front yard. Today while waiting for Munchkin's bus to come Sudo went poo right there and I had the distinct pleasure of telling him what a good boy he was, giving him a treat, and carrying his poo all the way home in a little baggie. I'm sure all the other moms at the stop are so envious of our new pet.


mah-meeee said...[Reply to comment]

LOL! i remember when i had to potty train my dog way back when. surprisingly they are much easier to train than the kids!

Lizswiz said...[Reply to comment]

The tale of Sudo reminds me of a certain someone finding a box of kittens at the nearby Dairy Queen... and bringing them home with her.